Here is a list of recently published studies on children, media, and health which explore a range of topics:

Granicacute, A., Cacuteukuscaronicacute, M., Walker, R. (2009). mLearning in a Europe-wide network of schools. Educational Media International, 46 (3),167-184.

  • This paper presents a European Community supported project which investigated whether the use of electronic and mobile technologies in the hands of young learners might engage them in learning activities and start to change their attitudes towards learning.

Mhurchu, C.L. et al. (2009). Effect of electronic time
monitors on children's television watching: Pilot trial of a home-based intervention.
Preventive Medicine, Available online 8 September.

  • This pilot study evaluated the feasibility (recruitment, retention,
    and acceptability) and preliminary efficacy of a six-week home-based
    electronic time monitor intervention on New Zealand children's
    television watching.

Ohannessian, C.M. (2009). Media use and adolescent psychological adjustment: An examination of gender differences. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 18(5), 582-593.

  • This study examined media use and psychological adjustment
    (depression and anxiety) in a sample of 328 14- to 16-year-old

Primack, B.A., Sidani, J., Carroll. M.V., Fine. M. J.(2009). Associations between smoking and media literacy in college students. Journal of Health Communication, 14(6), 541-555.

  • The purpose of this study was to determine the association between smoking and smoking media literacy among college students.

Schooler, D., Sorsoli, C.L., Kim, J.L. & Tolman, D.L.
(2009). Beyond exposure: A person-oriented approach to adolescent media
diets. Journal of Research on Adolescence,19(3), 484-508.

  • The present investigation examines the ways in which adolescents select and organize their television viewing.


Use the free CMCH Database of Research to find other studies on children, media, and health.

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