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Database of Research

The CMCH Database of Research (soon to be relaunched as Mediatrics) is a digital library free for everyone: researchers, clinicians, educators, parents, policy makers, and anyone interested in reading about the evidence behind the ways media, youth, and health intersect. As of 2014, the database contains over 3500 article citations, and new citations are continually being added.

The CMCH Librarian monitors emerging research from academic journals in a variety of disciplines, including medicine, education, sociology, computer science, psychology, gender studies, communication, and more. By drawing from this wide range of academic literature, the database is unique in that it truly is multidisciplinary, ensuring that no relevant evidence is excluded from the database. CMCH Abstract Writers create original structured abstracts for each article, allowing for quick and easy comparisons between studies.

In addition to this multidisciplinary approach, the database has another distinctive feature: plain language summaries accompany every citation included in the database, allowing those without research backgrounds to easily grasp the concepts behind each article without having to wade through complex scientific language often found in abstracts.

As a result of these two features, the database reaches a diverse audience of both professionals and parents. The goal of the database is simple: to provide a database of evidence to help educate individuals about the effects (both positive and negative) that media can have on youth.