Q: My 11-year-old daughter keeps begging me for her own cell phone. She claims "all her friends have them", and I admit, it seems most of them do. Should I get her one?
Uncertainly Cellular in Spokane, WA

A: Dear Uncertainly Cellular,

Did you give her the age-old parenting response, “If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” Alas, it rarely works…

First, remember that cell phones are tools. Sit down with your daughter and ask what she’d like to use it for. Tell her how you would like to see her use it, and what is off limits—like texting while crossing the street or sending sexual images to friends. Having this conversation will allow you to set expectations from your side and from hers. It can also help you determine whether it is, in fact, time for your daughter to have a cell phone.

If after this conversation you do not feel that your daughter is ready for this responsibility, it is okay to say no. Clever marketing has convinced parents that every kid needs a cell phone for safety’s sake, but the fact of the matter is that there are many other ways to call for help. And if safety is your main concern, it is far more important to teach your daughter to be confident in an emergency than to provide her with a phone. This confidence will serve her well even if she doesn’t have a phone, or if it is lost or unavailable. 

If you do decide to get your daughter a cell phone, emphasize that having one is a privilege and
a responsibility, and that if she misuses the phone, she will lose both.
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2 Responses to “Should I give my 11 year old the cell phone she wants?”

  1. Rosa-bella

    Talk to your daughter about whats she is going to use it for and tell her the limit’s. i think it would be nice to give her a cell phone if it makes her feel safer in situations as in “bus is late” or she is ” locked out of the house ” you can get in touch with her and tell her what to do. my daughter is 11 and i just got her a cell phone , she feels safer and better about it . ( and she does’nt bother me about it any more :P ) if you chose to give her a cell phone i would recommend to get unlimited texting , calling , and internet because girls really enjoy there cell phones , Good Luck !


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