CMCH Gift Guide 2016

The holidays are when we come together with family, friends, and our community in celebration, appreciation and love. Many of our holiday traditions include exchanging gifts. We hope you will use this Guide to help you choose thoughtful, healthy gifts for the children in your life that will bring them joy.

What to Look For


Take some time to think about who you will be giving the gift to. Consider how old they are, what they are currently learning about in school, and their interests. Also consider your relationship with them and what you hope for their future.  Personalizing your gift in this way shows them that you care about who they are.


Think about the child, tween or teen and what they like and don’t like. Consider the activities they enjoy, shows they watch, books they read and games they play.  Are they outgoing and adventurous? Or do they tend to be more organized and reserved? Knowing these types of details can help you select a gift that will be both meaningful and something that they will enjoy, even beyond the holidays.


Give purposeful gifts the child or teen can use. Remember that some of the best gifts you can give aren’t things, but experiences, such as homemade coupons for one-on-one time with you, or gift cards for doing and learning something new! Make sure you know the kind of gift you are giving and how it can be used or experienced.

Gift Ideas

Infants and Toddlers

  • A creative mobile for the crib or car
  • Soft or board books
  • A wagon or cart they can pull
  • Music Player with Microphone
  • Jumbo crayons

School Age and Tweens

  • Modeling clay
  • Coupon for spending time with you
  • Programmable robot that teaches coding skills
  • Magazine subscription
  • Outdoor binoculars

Teens and Young Adults

  • Hiking gear
  • Digital camera
  • Tickets to a play or concert
  • Homemade recipe book
  • Gift card to their favorite clothing store