CMCH Gift Guide 2017

‘Tis the season for celebrating family, friends, neighbors and the time we are able to spend together! From making festive foods to singing seasonal songs, this time of year is filled with holiday traditions, including giving gifts.

As you think about the children in your life, we hope you will use this guide to help you choose gifts and experiences that will benefit them and bring you both joy. Happy holidays!

How do you choose?
Three Simple Steps for Achieving Gift-Giving Greatness!

First, think about who you’ll be giving the gift to. Ask questions such as, how old are they? What kinds of skills are they developing? How and what do they like to play? Also consider what you mean to them and how the gift will make them feel about your relationship now and in the future. Answering these questions can help you choose meaningful gifts that show you care.
Second, think about what will bring the child joy. Ask questions such as, what activities are they into? What are they studying in school? What games, books, shows, music, etc. do they like? Are they outdoorsy or prefer to be indoors? Figuring out their likes, dislikes, and interests can help you select a gift they will enjoy even after the holiday season.
Third, think about how the child will use the gift. Consider options beyond things that can be wrapped, including experiences. Homemade coupons for dedicated time with you, or a class teaching them new skills, can be both practical and fun! Make sure that you are mindful about how the child will experience the gift, and that its purpose adds value to the child’s life.

Gift Ideas

Infants and Toddlers

  • Window paint toddlers can use with their fingers
  • Activity mat encouraging babies to explore
  • Soft jumbo blocks toddlers can stack
  • A toy xylophone, guitar, or drum
  • Low riding tricycle
  • Picture or beginner books

School Age and Tweens

glasses balloon penguin drawing
  • Detailed coloring book and colored pencils
  • Subscription to a news source or hobby magazine
  • Coupon for a special outing with you
  • World-building video game
  • Small trampoline, pogo stick, or jump rope
  • The first book in a new series

Teens and Young Adults

ice skating penguin drawing
  • Pastel set and art portfolio
  • Tickets to a game, concert, or play
  • A shop class or music lesson
  • Scooter, Skateboard, or bike
  • App store gift card
  • e-Reader