As 2018 draws to a close, we gather with friends and family to celebrate the year and the holiday season! For many of us baking treats, putting up decorations and exchanging gifts have become a treasured part of our holiday traditions. As you think about your gift list, please use this guide to help you select presents and experiences for the children, tweens and teens in your life. We hope it will help take away some of the stress of the season, and offer inspiring ideas for making your family’s holidays a bit more merry!

Cheer Checklist

Who is the gift for? When thinking about the child, ask questions such as, how old are they? What kinds of skills are they developing? How and what do they like to play? Also consider your relationship with the child and what your gift will mean to them coming from you.
What do they like? Think about what makes the child happy. Ask questions such as, what activities do they like? What are they learning about in school? What books, video games, movies, music, etc. do they read, play, and watch? Are they outgoing or more reserved? Answering these questions can help you select gifts you know that they’ll enjoy.
How will they use the gift? Think outside the gift box and consider experiences. Reserve a space in a class that will teach them a new skill, or make them a coupon book they can use for spending time with you. Make sure that you are mindful about how the child will experience the gift, and that it’s something they will be able to use in their daily life or as a special treat.

Gift Ideas

Infants and Toddlers

  • Multi-surface washable paints toddlers can use both indoors and out
  • Bouncy or mobile chair that allows babies to stretch and explore
  • Wooden blocks to stack and knock over
  • A play piano or tablet keyboard app
  • A stick pony toddlers can pretend to ride
  • Soft or board books that encourage interaction

School Age and Tweens

  • A puzzle they can color and personalize
  • Binoculars for discovering new wonders outdoors
  • Coupon book for different activities with you
  • A local multi-player racing video game
  • Sports equipment or active wear clothing
  • A new book in a genre they enjoy

Teens and Young Adults

  • Sewing or knitting supplies
  • Tickets to the theater, sports game or concert
  • An activity tracker or smartwatch
  • Space outdoors to plant a garden, or a wall inside they can paint
  • A trip with you to a favorite pastime
  • A subscription to their favorite newspaper or magazine