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Play to Personality

You know your child’s personality–whether she is outgoing or reserved, outdoorsy or prefers being indoors, as well as her likes, dislikes and favorite activities. Make it a point to talk to your kids about what they hope to do, accomplish, and experience this summer. You can use the activity suggestions below for helpful ideas to get the conversation started. You may also want to create a Summer Goals list (separately or by printing and highlighting this Guide) and keep it somewhere visible, like on the refrigerator. Be sure your family chooses activities you know you’ll love, as well as others that will take you outside of your comfort zone!


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  • Become pirates and dig for buried treasure in a sandbox or backyard
  • Discover a new path to walk, hike, tricycle or bicycle
  • Organize a soap box derby and make cars out of donated materials
  • Learn how to kayak, canoe, or stand up paddleboard
  • Make GoPro style videos of activities such as running and surfing
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  • Create sidewalk chalk art
  • Paint stones and pebbles for an outdoor or indoor rock garden
  • Collect sea glass for making crafts or to keep in decorative jars
  • Take photos and create a photo book
  • Create weekly themed Snapchats or Instagram videos to share with family and friends
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  • Play patty-cake or peek-a-boo as part of your summer morning routine
  • Learn a new card game or magic trick
  • Have family board game tournaments every Friday night
  • Challenge friends to complete a massive multiplayer online game (MMOG) mission
  • Challenge friends or family members to an active video game sports competition
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  • Visit your local library for summertime story hour or summer book ideas
  • Pick a beach book to bring on all ocean and lake outings
  • Load up an e-reader with books for travel time in a car, plane, or train
  • Start a book club with friends
  • Read a book and watch the movie based on it, and compare the two versions