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Recharge this summer with activities for everyone in the family! Whether you have a toddler or a teen, this guide will help you come up with healthy, fun ideas, no matter the time of day, or the weather outside. Talk to your kids about what they’d like to do, and come up with a balanced list of ways they’d like to spend their time, and goals they’d like to accomplish. We hope these suggestions will inspire you and your family to relax, explore, and even challenge yourselves in fun and healthy ways this summer!


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In the summer sun

  • Make lemonade or iced tea for a summer party with stuffed animals
  • Play water games with a garden hose, sprinkler, or at the beach
  • Plant flowers or vegetables in a garden or in pots placed near the sunshine
  • Go on a nature walk and take pictures of different plants and animals
  • Attend an outdoor concert or see a community play in a park
  • Go mini golfing, or create your own mini golf obstacles in the yard

On a rainy day

  • Put on rain boots and jump and splash in puddles
  • Browse your local library and choose a new book to read
  • Video chat with a faraway friend or relative
  • Make paper-mâché sculptures with newspaper strips, and homemade paste
  • Organize your phone photos into a collage or different digital albums
  • Have a video game tournament as a family

As evening falls

  • Make shadow puppets as the sun sets
  • Watch, catch and release fireflies, and learn how they glow
  • Tell stories around a bonfire
  • Make s’mores on a camp stove for a fun dessert
  • Stargaze and try to find different constellations
  • Watch a new TV show or movie and talk about it with friends