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Summer Fun Wherever You Are!

Summer often makes us think of time; time away from our usual activities and time to explore other places, try new things, and relax with friends and family. Making a list of summer goals can help you and your family make the most of the summer months and help balance the time you spend being active, creative, social, and peaceful. This guide is designed to help you and your family come up with fun and healthy ideas for the summer, and to help you build your own activities lists. Whether the weather is perfectly warm and sunny, or dark and stormy, we have both outdoor and indoor ideas that you can use, for toddlers, teens and children in between! We hope you will use this guide as a family to make the most of this summer and your time.


Family playing outdoors

9 Outdoor Ideas for Summer 2019

  • Have a tea party or picnic with favorite stuffed animals and a far-away relative through video chat
  • Grab a kite and fly it in a yard, local park, or at the beach
  • Ride a tricycle, bike, scooter, or skateboard somewhere new and challenging
  • Visit a new playground or nature trail
  • Go swimming in a pool, lake, or the ocean
  • Take pictures of trees and flowers and try to identify them online
  • Visit a farm to pick fresh fruit and learn how they grow
  • Create a selfie scavenger hunt with friends and see who can take the most pictures successfully
  • Download an AR (augmented reality) game app for a smartphone to be played outside
family playing indoors

9 Indoor Ideas for Summer 2019

  • Make it an indoor beach day by playing and molding kinetic sand
  • Make sock puppets and perform a show
  • Go to the library and dive into a new book series
  • Watch an online crafting video and make it at home
  • Make a summer vlog for friends and family to follow your activities
  • Design your own escape room and see if your family can crack the puzzles
  • Visit a thrift store or indoor flea market and find a new treasure
  • Pick a favorite summer vegetable and find a recipe online to make with it
  • Make your own theater seating out of pillows and watch a favorite movie with friends