We are changing up the format of the CMCH blog a little bit.  Back when we started the blog in 2006, the idea was for it to be a way to update researchers about new media studies that had been released.  From looking at use statistics, we soon found that our readers were just as interested in how those studies were portrayed in the popular press and how current events related to previous media studies, so changed our format to focus mostly on those kinds of posts.

Now we’re trying to balance things out again, and will offer two posts per week, written by our new bloggers:

  • 1 post will be about a current event or popular press coverage of media studies, written by Lauren Rubenzahl
  • 1 post will be a research wrap-up of new media studies that have been released that week, compiled by Isabel Lopes

Please let us know what you think of the new format, or if you have any other feedback that can help us improve our resources for you, by writing to

2 Responses to “Switching It Up: Format Change for CMCH Blog”

  1. marsali

    Thank you CMCH for the new blog format. Your summary of research and current relevant topics are extremely helpful for those of us who create content designed to help youth and caregivers make safe and healthy choices about youth’s digital media use.
    we give CMCH five stars and a thumbs up!


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