Media and Aggression: New Studies in the Database of Research

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Violent media and aggression in youth is a prominent topic that draws a lot of attention and occasionally skepticism; however, scientific research has created a body of evidence that supports the link between violent media and aggression, desensitization, and anxiety. Recently, our own Dr. Michael Rich weighed in on how children learn from all aspects… Read more »

The Mediatrician’s response to a recent New York Times article on Media Violence

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After reading a recent article in the New York Times about the connection between media violence and aggression in real life, Dr. Michael Rich felt compelled to respond, writing the following letter to the editor: Asking whether video games “cause” violent behavior is asking the wrong question. As a parent, I constantly make risk-benefit analyses… Read more »

Research Wrap-Up: Recently Published Studies- March 5

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Check out these recently published studies on children, media, and health which explore a range of topics:   Anderson, C.A., et al.(2010). Violent video game effects on aggression, empathy, and prosocial behavior in Eastern and Western countries. Psychological Bulletin, 136(2), 151-73. The authors used meta-analytic procedures to test the effects of violent video games on… Read more »