Media Interventions: New Studies in the Database of Research

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In addition to studying the effects of media, researchers also explore how new media interventions can be used to prevent, diagnose, or rehabilitate certain medical conditions. The studies below examine how music, video games, and text messaging can be used as health care interventions. The effects of music therapy on vital signs, feeding, and sleep… Read more »

Is a bouncy seat with a tablet mount really so bad?

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Q: I’ve been hearing a lot about a new bouncy seat that includes a place where parents can put an iPad to occupy their baby. Is it really that different than watching TV, other than giving parents more control over content? –iPuzzled in Watertown, NY A: Dear iPuzzled, The recent attention on this toy is… Read more »

Should apps be part of a library’s story time?

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Q: There is a discussion among children’s librarians about including tablets and apps in story times at the library for children ages 2-5 or even younger. The assumption is that apps can and should be one more type of material that supports early literacy development (vocabulary, narrative skills, letter knowledge, phonological awareness, etc.). Some think that… Read more »

Do pop-up ads affect young children?

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My almost 3-year-old son loves to watch Caillou on Sprout, a TV channel that carries programming for infants and young children. Throughout Caillou, there are many pop-ups that soundlessly advertise Sprout or the next show that will air. These pop-ups distract me as an adult. Have there have been any studies on how they affect young… Read more »

We gather together.

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Thanksgiving is considered a time of reflection, giving thanks, family togetherness, and, of course, delicious food. But when all the toasts have been made, the plates cleared, and the leftovers tucked away, it can be easy to fall into a state of media mindlessness—dozing off in front of the TV, checking cell phones for scores… Read more »