Research Wrap-Up: Recently Published Studies-Feb.21

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Check out these recently published titles of interest on the topics of children, media, and health: Isaksen, K. J. & Roper, S. (2012). The commodification of self-esteem: Branding and British teenagers. Psychology and Marketing, 29(3), 117-135.  This study found that adolescents appear to have a striking awareness of the role of branding, advertising, and peer pressure… Read more »

My 5 year old is afraid of TV—what do I do?

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Q: My 5-year-old daughter does not like TV that involves conflict. She has no desire to see a Disney movie and even gets anxious when a kid gets lost on Veggie Tales. She'll watch Blues Clues, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Barney but has no desire to watch the shows for her own age. When a movie… Read more »