Media Moment: Dance Inspiration at a Very Young Age

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Dear Reader, Welcome to August’s Media Moment! This month, Richard Chalfen, a CMCH Senior Scientist, shares a story about parents realizing that they need to increase their monitoring of their toddler’s media use. These stories are meant to help create a village square of commiserating and co-celebrating the many ways media intersect with the lives… Read more »

Recently Added Studies on Children, Media, and Health

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Here are some studies that were recently added to the CMCH Database of Research. Behm-Morawitz, E., & Mastro, D.E. (2008). Mean girls? The influence of gender portrayals in teen movies on emerging adults' gender-based attitudes and beliefs. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, 85(1), 131-146. This study found that teen movies imply a sense of normality… Read more »