Research Wrap-Up: Recently Published Studies-Sept.13

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Check out recently published studies on children, media, and health which explore a range of topics: Hinkley, T., Salmon,J., Okely, A.D., et al. (2011). Preschoolers' physical activity, screen time and compliance with recommendations. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Available online September 3.  This study found that the majority of young children are not participating… Read more »

How can I tell which films are OK for my child?

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Q: Are two year olds too young to see films like Tangled? What should I consider when thinking about taking my kids to the movies?
A: If what you imagine her seeing, hearing, and understanding is what you want for her to experience, then take her and enjoy it together, keeping in mind these developmental considerations.

The Good News about Children and Media in 2010

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Q: It seems like all we ever hear about are the negative effects of media. What research has been done on using media in positive ways?
A: Indeed, studies in the past year indicate just how positive media can be for children and families when it is used in a controlled way, paying particular attention to its content and the context in which it is used.

The Top Mediatrician Q&As of 2010

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Each week this year, you asked our Mediatrician, Dr. Michael Rich, your most pressing questions about the effects of media on kids, and he answered! Here are the top 10 most-viewed Ask the Mediatrician Q&As of 2010.

How can I tactfully ask our family not to give my kids character toys?

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Q: I don’t want to seem ungrateful, and I know my children would probably like the Dora or Batman version of toys, but I just find that sort of commercialism unnecessary. How can I tell my family that we’d prefer they not get the character versions of toys when giving my kids gifts?
A: Let your family know how important it is to you that your child make up her own stories during plattime instead of having her playtime scripted by pre-digested plotlines.

Do you have any tips on good gifts for kids?

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Q: Help! I’m shopping for kids of all ages this year for the holidays, and don’t know where to begin. What are your thoughts about the kinds of toys that are good for kids?
A: This year, focus on the CHILD–opt for Creative gifts you’ve decided upon after doing your Homework on the recipients’ interests, keeping in mind the importance of Imagination, Learning, and making Donations.

Should I correct Thanksgiving stereotypes my kids see on TV?

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Q: My school-age kids have seen TV shows and movies that show inaccurate stereotypes of the first Thanksgiving—grateful Pilgrims and wild “Indians” and lots of peace and harmony. Is it my place to correct them?
A: If what your kids are learning isn’t in line with your understanding of the actual story of Thanksgiving, start a discussion about what they’ve heard, and consider guiding them through these concepts that add nuance and accuracy to their understanding.
Answered by Dr. Michael Rich, The Mediatrician®