September is Pain Management Awareness Month

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September is Pain Management Awareness Month. The American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) established this annual campaign in 2001 to raise awareness through mass media and public forums, and by forming a coalition to increase understanding within the health care community and among families struggling with pain management. Virtual reality headsets are often used to distract… Read more »

Media Interventions: New Studies in the Database of Research

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In addition to studying the effects of media, researchers also explore how new media interventions can be used to prevent, diagnose, or rehabilitate certain medical conditions. The studies below examine how music, video games, and text messaging can be used as health care interventions. The effects of music therapy on vital signs, feeding, and sleep… Read more »

Recently Published Studies on Children, Media, and Health

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Check out these recently published studies available in the CMCH database. Backett-Milburn, K., & Jackson, S. Children's concerns about their parents' health and wellbeing: Researching with ChildLine Scotland. Children & Society, 26(5): 381-393. Children use media for a variety of reasons, including, as this study shows, to learn or talk about their parents' own health…. Read more »

Research Toolbox: Recently Published Books

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  Here is a list of recently published titles of interest on the topics of children, media, and health: Examining Identity in Sports Media by Heather L. Hundley and Andrew C. Billings (2009) This book investigates how various identity groups are framed, treated, affected, and shaped by a ubiquitous sports media, including television, magazines, film,… Read more »

Is there software I can buy to limit my kids’ computer time?

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Q: I have three sons, ages 8, 5, and 5 (twins) who love to play computer games (Club Penguin, Webkinz, PBS, and others). I try to limit their screen time to one hour per day, but I know they have been using it for longer than that when they can get away with it. Is there a parent-controlled program I can buy that allows each child to login and have only a limited amount of access per day? Dr. Michael Rich answers this question and others on Ask the Mediatrician.