At what age should I take my kids to see movies with direct marketing ties like “The Lego Movie”?

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Q: At what age is it developmentally ok for kids to see The Lego Movie and even Star Wars with their parents? Is the subliminal (and hidden) marketing in movies unethical, especially given how well it’s made? ~Lamenting over Lego, USA A: Dear Lamenting, Marketing consumer products through TV and movies has been occurring since these… Read more »

Media Interventions: New Studies in the Database of Research

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In addition to studying the effects of media, researchers also explore how new media interventions can be used to prevent, diagnose, or rehabilitate certain medical conditions. The studies below examine how music, video games, and text messaging can be used as health care interventions. The effects of music therapy on vital signs, feeding, and sleep… Read more »

Never learning violence.

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Dear Readers, Last week, the New York Times featured an article entitled “Unlearning Gun Violence”, which discussed the work of an epidemiologist who, after a decade of fighting TB, HIV, and cholera in Africa, returned to a life-threatening epidemic in his hometown of Chicago—violence.  He uses the same techniques that worked in Africa, teaching perpetrators and… Read more »

Should apps be part of a library’s story time?

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Q: There is a discussion among children’s librarians about including tablets and apps in story times at the library for children ages 2-5 or even younger. The assumption is that apps can and should be one more type of material that supports early literacy development (vocabulary, narrative skills, letter knowledge, phonological awareness, etc.). Some think that… Read more »