Recently Published Studies on Children, Media, and Health

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Check out these recently published studies available in the CMCH database. Backett-Milburn, K., & Jackson, S. Children's concerns about their parents' health and wellbeing: Researching with ChildLine Scotland. Children & Society, 26(5): 381-393. Children use media for a variety of reasons, including, as this study shows, to learn or talk about their parents' own health…. Read more »

Should my 5-year-old be watching educational TV?

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Q: So far I’ve only allowed my 5-year-old to watch DVDs that I’ve selected. Should I introduce some quality educational TV programs, or should I stick to my guns and keep her away from TV—and the commercials that come with it—for as long as I can? –Tepid about TV, USA A: Dear Tepid, Your question… Read more »

How do you explain advertising to a 5-year-old?

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Q: My 5-year-old son’s summer camp is studying the Olympics, a topic he is very interested in.  We’ve been seeing many billboards and TV commercials with athletes promoting Coca Cola. The first time he saw one, he literally said, “Oh, if I drink Coca Cola, then I can be a great boxer too.”  Of course… Read more »

How can parents make the internet a safe place to play?

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Q: With kids of all ages using the internet for everything from socializing to finding information to playing games, how can we keep them as safe as they can be in that world? -Net Nervous A: Dear Net Nervous, You’re right–just like the school playground, the internet is a place where children play, learn, and… Read more »