Studies Recently Added to the CMCH Database of Research

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What topics are researchers exploring about children, media and health? Check out the list below! Donovan, E. et al. (2013). Assessing the feasibility of a web-based self-management program for adolescents with migraines and their caregivers. Clinical Pediatrics, 52(7), 667-670. Researchers created a web-based prototype to help adolescents manage their migraines. Fraser, A. et al. (2012)…. Read more »

What can I do to stop students from texting in class?

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Q: I read an article you were cited in about college students texting during class and the negative impact it can have on their learning and overall academic performance. I am a high school teacher, and texting during class is one of the biggest challenges that I am facing. Unfortunately, I feel that I have… Read more »

How can I stop my kids from being ‘catfished’?

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Q:The Manti Te’o “catfish” story makes me wonder how I can best prepare my teens for future online friendships. My teens say that kids meet through friends-of-friends online and off, but online they just lie about personal information. I’ve always thought that practicing strong communication skills, honesty, integrity, and trust would help my kids grow… Read more »

Am I limiting my child’s chances of success in today’s economy by trying to limit his screen time?

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Q: My 11-year-old son spends every free minute in front of his computer—doing homework (he really does, thank goodness), social networking, playing games, and now creating his own games. Concerned that, one by one, he has dropped sports, playing with friends, getting outdoors, and, frankly, spending time with the family, I have struggled (and been… Read more »