New studies in the CMCH Database of Research

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Check out these studies recently added to the CMCH database: Bergen, D., & Davis, D. (2011). Influences of technology-related playful activity and thought on moral development. American Journal of Play, 4(1), 80-99. Developmental psychologists and early childhood educators are often big proponents of play, as it promotes healthy social and behavioral development, as well as… Read more »

Should my 5-year-old be watching educational TV?

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Q: So far I’ve only allowed my 5-year-old to watch DVDs that I’ve selected. Should I introduce some quality educational TV programs, or should I stick to my guns and keep her away from TV—and the commercials that come with it—for as long as I can? –Tepid about TV, USA A: Dear Tepid, Your question… Read more »

How do you explain advertising to a 5-year-old?

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Q: My 5-year-old son’s summer camp is studying the Olympics, a topic he is very interested in.  We’ve been seeing many billboards and TV commercials with athletes promoting Coca Cola. The first time he saw one, he literally said, “Oh, if I drink Coca Cola, then I can be a great boxer too.”  Of course… Read more »