Photo of Dr. Michael Rich, the Mediatrician Each week this year, you asked our Mediatrician, Dr. Michael Rich, your most pressing questions about the effects of media on kids, and he answered! 

Here are the top 10 most-viewed Ask the Mediatrician Q&As of 2010:

1. What are some good kids’ movies for my 5 year old to enjoy?

2. How do Facebook and Twitter affect social skills?

3. Which computer games are good for my 2 year old?

4. Will video games cause seizures in my children?

5. How do swear words factor in to a movie's MPAA rating?

6. Do you have any tips on good gifts for kids?

7. How will TV affect our 3-month-old?

8. Should I give my 11 year old the cell phone she wants?

9. A response to the controversy over how Call of Duty impacts teen boys

10. What goes on in the brain during a 3D movie?

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