There are four new media-related studies:

  • Bellissimo, N. et al.  Effect of television viewing at mealtime on food intake after a glucose preload.  Pediatric Research
    Finding:  "[Watching TV] while eating a meal contributes to increased energy intake by delaying normal mealtime satiation and reducing satiety signals from previously consumed foods."
  • Li, S. et al.  The impact of media use on sleep patterns and sleep disorders among school-aged children in China.  Sleep.
    Finding:  "The presence of media in a child’s bedroom and media use had a negative effect on children’s sleep/wake patterns, duration of sleep, and sleep disorders."
  • Heins, E. et al.  Bedtime, television and computer habits of primary school children in Germany.  Gesundheitswesen.
    Finding:  Owning a mobile phone, watching television more than 3 hours a day, or playing computer games more than 3 hours a day were associated with 9-10 year olds going to bed after 9 pm.
  • Delva, J. et al.  Health-related behaviors and overweight: A study of Latino adolescents in the United States of America.  Pan American Journal of Public Health.
    Finding:  "For both genders, being overweight was…positively associated with the amount of television viewing."

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