In a powerful meta-analysis of 149 studies of tobacco media exposure on youth under 18, Wellman et al conclude that "exposure to pro-tobacco marketing and media increases the odds of youth holding positive attitudes toward tobacco use and more than doubles the odds of initiating tobacco use."

Other new research in December includes:

Robinson, J. L. et al. Relationship between parental estimate and an objective measure of child television watching. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act.

  • Found that when children have a TV in their bedroom, parents underestimate how much TV they watch by 3 hours per week.

Schiappa, E. et al. Can one TV show make a difference? Will & Grace and the parasocial contact hypothesis. J Homosex.

  • Found that increased viewing frequency of the TV show Will & Grace lead to lower levels of sexual-orientation prejudice among those with the least amount of personal contact with gay men and lesbians. 

Allen, M. L. et al.  Adolescent participation in preventive health behaviors, physical activity, and nutrition: Differences across immigrant generations for Asians and Latinos compared with Whites. Am J Public Health.

  • Found that first-generation Asians watch more TV and play more video games than Caucasians do, but showed a decrease in use across generations.  Also found that Latinos use TV and video games in similar amounts to Caucasians, but have that use has not decreased across generations.

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