2161682746_b9dd588232_2 The 2007 Youth Risk Behavior Survey is now available.  Here are the results of the media-related questions:

        • 35% of students watched television 3 or more hours per day on an average school day (see table).  This is down from 43% in 1999.
        • 25% of students used a computer for something that was
          not school work for 3 or more hours per day on an average school day (see table).  This is up slightly from 22% in 2003.

Though overall use between the two is down, I wonder if teens are really watching less television, or whether the availability of TV episodes over the Internet combined with widely available broadband access means they are watching those shows over the Internet instead of on a traditional TV set.

One Response to “TV Use Down; Computer Use Up”

  1. Philip

    Research tells us that in the US alone, the number of Internet video/TV watchers still take a back seat to home video/TV watchers. However, the youth movement is clearly headed for the Internet more so each year.
    I found it interesting to learn that teens, the 20s and 30s age groups, including older adult 60+ populate the Internet more to watch/download videos and TV on their computers. With all the different type of small portable/mobile devices available today that accesses the Internet instantly whether at home or on the go, I expect the number of Internet video/TV watchers to explode Worldwide in years to come.
    Perhaps the economy has something to do with it. Nevertheless, free Internet TV, Radio, Movies, Videos, Sport, etc., makes the Internet irresistible and adds another dimension to traditional TV/video.


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