A German study of 137 teens found a "significant relationship between shortened sleep time and duration of daily television viewing."  Furthermore, the data showed a connection between watching horror movies and having symptoms of insomnia.  You can see other studies on media and sleep in the CMCH Database of Research.

Other research out this month:

  • Baker, IR et al. An asset-based community initiative to reduce television viewing in New York state.
  • Beaudoin, CE et al. Promoting healthy eating and physical activity short-term effects of a mass media campaign.
  • Clark, L, Tiggemann, M. Sociocultural influences and body image in 9- to 12-year-old girls: the role of appearance schemas.
  • Huhman, ME et al. Evaluation of a National Physical Activity Intervention for Children VERB Campaign, 2002-2004.
  • Shoja, MM et al. Video game epilepsy in the twentieth century: A review.
  • Zabinski, MF et al. Patterns of sedentary behavior among adolescents.

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