In an experiment, Temple et al found that children watching television ate more food and ate for longer periods of time than children not watching television.  This reminded me of a similar study done by Blass et al  where they found that college students ate more pizza and mac & cheese when they watched TV than when they listened to music. 

Other new research on media effects:

  • Otto, M.W. et al.  Posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms following media exposure to tragic events: Impact of 9/11 on children at risk for anxiety disorders. J Anxiety Disord.
  • Thompson, D.A., & Christakis, D.A. The association of maternal mental distress with television viewing in children under 3 years old. Ambul Pediatr.
  • Ybarra, M.L. et al. Internet prevention messages: Targeting the right online behaviors. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med.

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