think MTV and the Kaiser Family Foundation have announced an initiative to mark the 25th anniversary of the first AIDS case documented by the Centers for Disease Control.  They will provide video cameras to young people in order to create "a documentary in which young people themselves tell the story of how their generation has been impacted by the virus."

Congrats to both organizations for a positive use of media and technology to provide insight into an important health issue. 

This video project is similar to the work we do with Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment (VIA).  Adolescents who live with chronic illness document their experiences on videotape, which then goes through a process of qualitative analysis to find trends and commonalities among the participants.  The young people who take part in this project are courageous individuals who give us a window into their lives so that we may understand the illness experience better.  The VIA website has over 20 video clips available to see. 

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