A gaming magazine called The Escapist poses the question about how people’s behavior and reactions will differ if they’re using a Wii controller instead of a regular video game controller.  The Wii, a Nintendo game system which made its debut in time for the 2006 holiday season, features a handheld remote pointing device which allows players to have actual body movement translated into gameplay.

The author of the Escapist article points out:

There is typically an element of detachment in console first-person shooter games; the actions performed on a control pad are linked tenuously to the onscreen action. Playing a first person-shooter on the Wii removes this dissociation; you have an onscreen twin, and the tool you have in the game is figuratively in your hand.

Though the first round of Wii games released was focused mostly on users manipulating the controller to play sports like bowling, tennis and baseball, the next round of Wii games features more violent titles where players use the controller to fire guns, throw punches, and launch attacks.

In additional video game news, some companies are exploring the idea of using brainwaves to control actions in games.  The more a person concentrates, the better they will perform. 

Just as when any new technology is released, there will be a need for research on how these new controllers will affect players’ physical, social and emotional health. 

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