How and whether to use technology in K-12 classrooms is a highly debated topic. Although it is far from the norm in K-12 around the country, however, some educators are exploring the possibilities of classroom use of educational video games.

Virginia recently became the first state with a pilot program that uses Tabula Digita's video game DimensionM, both to improve student's math scores and
to motivate them to learn. Recent
research on this game concluded that playing it had a positive
effect on student math achievement in a public high school setting.

Early this week, through a live chat on Education, Richard Van Eck, an associate professor in the instructional design and technology program at the University of North Dakota, addressed questions about when games should be explored as instructional tools, what advantages games bring to the classroom, and how to overcome obstacles that make game integration into curricula difficult. Professor Van Eck believes that digital game-based learning has the potential to be an exciting tool for educational purpose and offers a list of online resources, including k-12 games, organizations and research, and games and tools.

**Update:5/25/09** BusinessWeek listed CMCH blog Will Technology in the Classroom Change How Kids Learn? as one of the blogs which explores technology use in the classroom.

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