Opinion Piece – HBO & Sesame Street Partnership

by Bryce Berginski | thepiercecountytribune.com | August 28, 2015

This Pierce County Tribune opinion piece, HBO, Sesame Street Partnership Has Potential, mentions CMCH Director Michael Rich. For a more complete view of Dr. Rich’s thoughts regarding the Sesame Street – HBO partnership, watch his August 17th Greater Boston interview below.

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‘Children’s Wellbeing in the Media Age’ Published July 30th

by Elizabeth Handsley, Colin MacDougall and Michael Rich (Editors) | The Federation Press | July 30, 2015

Children's Wellbeing in the Media Age

The new book, ‘Children’s Wellbeing in the Media Age: Multidisciplinary Perspectives from the Harvard-Australia Symposium’, edited by Elizabeth Handsley, Colin MacDougall, and CMCH’s Michael Rich was published on July 30th. Dr. Rich is also a contributing author along with the Center’s Research Scientist, Dr. David Bickham.


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Cell Phones for Children

by Leigh Weingus | Huffingtonpost.com | July 15, 2015

Dr. Michael Rich was consulted for this Huffington Post article, regarding decisions around giving children cell phones.

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