fruitandveggies Children’s Food Choices and Media Research - September is Fruits & Veggies More MattersĀ®. FVMM is a health initiative that aims to help Americans, adults and children alike improve their health by increasing produce consumption. FVMM collaborates with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to educate consumers about the health advantages of fruits and vegetables, and to provide tips and tools for... Read more »

Childhood obesity awareness month logo Learn More about Obesity and Media Research - Obesity is a nationwide health concern for which there is no one single cause, nor one simple solution. Instead, there are a myriad of factors affecting childhood obesity, including the accessibility of convenience food in our society, modern eating habits, the increase in leisure time and changes in popular children’s leisure activities, as well as... Read more »
using camera phone to photograph lake Welcome to the new Research Blog! - As the end of summer draws near, we are saying goodbye to the old CMCH website and logo, and settling into our new home here at We have a fresh new look that will work across all of your devices, and our content has been updated with even more evidence to support healthy media... Read more »
Rainbow flag in the wind Youth and LGBTQ Representation on Television - June is Pride Month, a month to celebrate diversity, promote equality, and acknowledge the rich and tumultuous history behind the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community. LGBTQ representation in the media can be controversial if it enforces stereotypes; however, positive representations of LGBTQ individuals can provide youth with role models and can encourage acceptance in... Read more »
Baby sitting in grass Effects of Media on Children under the Age of Two - The effect of media on children under the age of two is a heavily researched topic that delves into the effects of media on the physical, social, and intellectual development of babies and toddlers. Here are some articles that cover this topic:   The effects of music therapy on vital signs, feeding, and sleep in... Read more »