There are 3 media-related articles in the new issue of Pediatrics:

Zimmerman and Christakis:  Associations Between Content Types of Early Media Exposure and Subsequent Attentional Problems

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  • Conclusion:  "Preschool boys exposed to violent television — even cartoons — are more likely to become aggressive later in life."

Christakis and Zimmerman:  Violent Television Viewing During Preschool Is Associated With Antisocial Behavior During School Age

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  • Conclusion:  "Every hour per day that kids under 3 watched violent child-oriented
    entertainment their risk doubled for attention problems five years later." 

Dworak et al:
Impact of Singular Excessive Computer Game and Television Exposure on
Sleep Patterns and Memory Performance of School-aged Children

  • Conclusion:  "The results suggest that television and computer game exposure affect children’s sleep and deteriorate verbal cognitive performance, which supports the hypothesis of the negative influence of media consumption on children’s sleep, learning, and memory."

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