BoyremoteA new systematic review by CMCH Staff Scientist Dr. Marie Evans Schmidt and other researchers looked at strategies to reduce screen time among children 12 years and younger. The authors found 47 studies that met their inclusion criteria with 29 that effectively reduced TV viewing or screen-media use.

The researchers found that the most effective studies were ones that used electronic TV monitoring devices, contingent feedback systems, and clinic-based counseling. The review also found that there are research gaps in studies that target young children and minorities, limited long-term follow-up data, and few studies that removed TVs from children’s bedrooms.

Below are some of the studies that were included in the review that can be found in the CMCH Database of Research:

  • Epstein LH, Roemmich JN, Robinson JL et al. (2008). A randomized trial of the effects of reducing television viewing and computer use on body mass index in young children. Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, 162(3), 239–245.

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