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The staff of the Center on Media and Child Health is a diverse, interdisciplinary group of scientists, academics, educators and innovators who combine the strengths of their disciplines to serve and uphold the mission of the Center. See below for more detailed information on each staff member’s background.


Michael Rich, MD, MPH

Bio / CV Director, Founder


David S. Bickham, PhD

Bio / CV Research Scientist


Julie Polvinen, BA

Bio / CV Engagement Strategist


Kristelle Lavallee, MA

Bio / CV Content Strategist

Summer Moukalled

Bio Clinical Research Specialist

Michael Tsappis, MD

Bio / CV CIMAID Psychiatrist

Sarah Wolfson

Sarah Wolfson

Bio Administrative Associate

Senior Scientists

Ron Slaby

Ron Slaby, PhD

Bio / CV Senior Scientist

Associated Personnel

Lisa B. Hurwitz, PhD

Research Associate

Gabriela Eguiarte, MD

Translator, Pregunta al Mediatra

Pamela Alfaro de la Mora

Translator, Pregunta al Mediatra

Brian Keller

Web Developer

CMCH Leadership Board

Katy Giffault

Catherine Gordon

Ramy Katrib

Phil McRae

Michael Sherman

Tiffany Shlain