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Are you a clinician seeing patients whose video gaming, social media use, online pornography or video-/information-bingeing are affecting their academic performance, relationships, anxiety, sleep, or obesity? Are you a parent who is concerned about your child’s media use? Boston Children’s Hospital has just opened a new specialty clinic, the Clinic for Interactive Media and Internet Disorders (CIMAID), which addresses these issues with evidence-based care.

Did you know:

    • Adolescents aged 13-17 spend an average of almost 9 hours per day using screen media
    • 88% of adolescents own a desktop or laptop computer, and 95% own a smartphone
    • 45% of adolescents say they are online “almost constantly
    • 54% of adolescents say they spend too much time on their cell phone
    • 65% of parents worry about their teen spending too much time in front of screens

CIMAID is a multidisciplinary team led by Michael Rich, MD, MPH and Mike Tsappis, MD. We have been evaluating and treating increasing numbers of children, adolescents, and young adults in our clinic whose excessive online activities have caused problems with sleep, school, social functioning, and various aspects of physical and mental health. The CIMAID team can help you address and reduce the negative consequences of PIMU, while helping the children, adolescents, and young adults in your practices adopt and sustain healthy lifestyles and behaviors.

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