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Group photo of CMCH team members using avrious forms of media

Through our original research, CMCH investigates the positive and negative health effects of media on children. We aim to build the field of media and child health with studies that identify ways of accurately measuring youth media use, determine how advertising in video games affects children, and evaluate media literacy programs.Read more
The field of media and child health contains thousands of studies across many disciplines. In order to make that research accessible to and useful for parents, caregivers, and other stakeholders, we “translate” it into practical, actionable guidance in the form of in-person presentations, online publications, blogs, and other forms of outreach.Read more
CMCH uses media tools in innovative ways to support and enhance children’s health and development. Our Innovation projects include creative use of video—sometimes as a medium that patients can use to share and process their illness experiences, and other times as part of workshops in which youth learn to create videos that send positive health messages.Read more