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In our media-saturated world, we are exposed to a variety of advertisements online, on television, and on our mobile devices. Youth are especially vulnerable to the ads they see, and research shows that ads have the potential to negatively influence the attitudes and behaviors of children and teens.

Below are a few of our newest citations in the Database of Research related to the marketing of three different products: alcohol, tobacco, and food.


Food requests in children. The role of habitual commercial television exposure, weight status and meal patterns

  • Children are more likely to ask for food that they see advertised on TV.

Targeted advertising, promotion, and price for menthol cigarettes in California high school neighborhoods

  • Stores close to high schools may be more likely to advertise menthol cigarettes.

Exposure to alcohol advertising and teen drinking

  • Youth exposed to alcohol advertisements may drink more.

Internet marketing directed at children on food and restaurant websites in two policy environments

  • Some restaurant websites may be specifically targeting children with food ads.

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