380_parentsjuly2008_2CMCH Director, Dr. Michael Rich, is now answering questions about media and kids on, the website of Parents magazine.

There have been a number of interesting questions such as:

  • I never thought I would even consider a gaming system for the family, but after seeing (and playing) the Nintendo Wii I am really thinking of purchasing one.   My oldest is 3 and I have a baby I am nursing so we are spending more time sitting around.  What is your opinion of this idea?
  • You have mentioned that violence in media desensitizes children to that aspect of life.  Has there been any research on how to reverse whatever effects the media might have?
  • I have an almost 3 month old and though I never specifically put my baby in front of the television, I do watch television with him in the room.  What kind of residual effect might this have?  Wakeful nights without television would be even longer than they already are. What age/developmental stage do infants begin to understand what they are seeing?

To see Dr. Rich’s answers or ask your own questions, visit the message board.

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