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The effect of media on children under the age of two is a heavily researched topic that delves into the effects of media on the physical, social, and intellectual development of babies and toddlers. Here are some articles that cover this topic:


The effects of music therapy on vital signs, feeding, and sleep in premature infants

  • This study finds a positive correlation between music and an improvement in health outcomes among premature infants struggling with their health.

Can past experience with television help US infants learn from it?

  • This study analyzes the effect of teaching infants who watch television through a television-like form of instruction, in order to improve their language skills. The study asked the infants’ mothers, or strangers, to teach the babies language skills through a screen.

Background television and infants’ allocation of their attention during toy play

  • This article investigates infants’ ability to focus on playing with toys while the television is on in the background.

Media use by children younger than 2 years

  • This article discusses the evidence surrounding media use by children under the age of two. The authors advise that children under age two do not benefit from media use, and in fact can be harmed by it, and should therefore not be subjected to it.


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