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Media Health Matters

March 2016

Beat the Munchies this March!

Spring is a great time to break out of old habits and start healthy ones. Since March is National Nutrition Month, look at your family’s media habits and think about how they are affecting your eating habits. 

To help you get started, consider the following:

  • Seeing TV ads for unhealthy foods (high calorie, low nutrient, fast food, etc.) increase kids’ risk of becoming overweight and obese.
  • Online food ads and websites for children are often designed to be interactive, offering printables, promotions, contests, and games called “advergames” in order to get kids to want their products.
  • Ads for food and drinks aimed at children can impact the types of foods kids ask for and choose to eat.

So make March all about managing media and nutrition! Turn off commercial TV in favor of ad-free programming, block websites for unhealthy food products or advergames. With older tweens and teens start making healthy meals together.  With the whole family, sit down for one meal a day where all screens are off so conversations are on! 

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