National Safety Month 2014


June is National Safety Month, which includes the safety of children on the internet.

Internet safety is a multi-focal topic, but one of its most well-studied aspects is the phenomenon of internet bullying among pre-teens.  This article addresses the phenomenon and researches the effect of web use on pre-adolescents’ emotional health.

Would you like to learn more about internet safety? Here are some articles from our database that discuss cyber-bullying as well as internet safety more generally:


The changing face of bullying: An empirical comparison between traditional and internet bullying and victimization

  • This article addresses in person bullying and cyber-bullying among ten and eleven-year olds.


Trends in youth Internet victimization: Findings from three youth Internet safety surveys 2000–2010

  • This piece analyzes victimization of children on the internet.


Psychosocial risk factors associated with cyberbullying among adolescents:  A population-based study

  • This article discusses the temperament and environment that influence children to become bullies.

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