woman with a remote control Media Moment: Watching TV: Then vs. Now - Ellen Holtzman Esq. is a nonprofit consultant based out of Philadelphia and is a mother of three. Lost in Space, Gilligan’s Island, and The Dating Game. Those were my top three shows aired on channels 2, 4 and 7. The routine was easy yet inflexible. Ten minutes before the start of the show, comfortably seat... Read more »

Running app on a smartphone Media Moment: But What Does Your Phone Say? - Sarah Wolfson works at CMCH as an Administrative Associate, and is an editor for Media Moments. It’s that time of year again when we’re bombarded with commercials and ads for dieting and weight loss. The most popular New Year’s resolutions frequently involve weight loss and exercise. People joke about how much they ate over the... Read more »
woman dancing with enthusiasm Media Moment: It’s A Marshmallow World in My Ears - Kristelle Lavallee is the Content Strategist at the Center on Media and Child Health and the founder of this blog. *Thwack* Thwack* Off in a music-induced haze, I was suddenly brought jarringly back to reality. Was I seriously being hit while shopping in the holiday section of my local novelty shop? I looked around and... Read more »
Four humans and a dog in matching holiday pajamas Media Moment: A Very Jewish Christmas - The holiday season is upon us! Goodbyes now include a cheerful, “happy holidays!” and my Starbucks cup wishes me a “Merry Coffee” every morning. I’m constantly talking to friends and coworkers about our upcoming holiday plans, and I come home every day eagerly looking for the trinkets I ordered online for gift exchanges. This is... Read more »
Very different pictures of Neeki Media Moment: A Community-Wide Web - When I was a teenager, I heard a little about different genders and sexualities – not through my school’s abstinence-based sex education curriculum, but through the informal speculatory gossip of my peers. I had known who I was attracted to for as long as I can remember (people of any gender), but I assumed that... Read more »