Take a look at some of the studies we recently added to the CMCH Database of Research.

Goldsmith, A.Y., et al. (2012). The cover story: What the book jacket of Adele Michin’s young adult novel. The Beat Goes On, communicates about HIV/AIDS. The Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults.

  • This study analyzed a book cover to determine whether cover art communicates subject matter.

Nan, X., et al. (2012). HPV vaccine information in the Blogosphere: How positive and negative blogs influence Vaccine-related risk perceptions, attitudes, and behavioral intentions. Health Communication  27(8), 829-836.

  • This study looked at college students and their attitudes toward the HPV vaccine by exposing them to positive- or negative-perspective blogs about the vaccine.

Roman, Z., et al. (2012). The Brand and the Bold: Synergy and sidekicks in licensed-based children’s television. Global Media Journal, 12(20), 1-15.

  • This study analyzed the gender and commercialism in Batman’s sidekicks in a children’s television show.

Looking for research on other topics? Search the rest of the database for more studies.

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