With 2014 approaching, it is a good time to reflect on our research activities here at CMCH. Members of the CMCH team participated in a variety of activities surrounding research in 2013, including conducting original research; publishing articles in peer-reviewed journals; headlining talks and conferences; participating in roundtables; and providing expert testimonials on the state of the research. Here are some 2013 highlights from CMCH staff:

  • Julie Polvinen – co-conducted research for the Children’s At Home program, aimed to improve health-related outcomes for youth with Neurofibromatosis 1

With your support, we were able to accomplish this and much more in 2013. Our Database of Research and Research Blog continued to thrive, serving as a place for both researchers and parents to learn about the evidence on media effects and youth. To give you an idea of what everyone was reading about this year:

Most popular citations:

  1. Body image and media use among adolescents

Most popular tags on the Research Blog:

  1. Positive Use of Media
  2. Current Events
  3. Body Image
  4. Cell Phones
  5. Sexual Behavior

Thank you for reading our Research Blog, and stay tuned for a brand new website and blog coming in the Spring of 2014. Best wishes to everyone in the new year!

One Response to “Reflecting on 2013”

  1. Brandy King

    Jill, you are doing an awesome job! So excited to have you at the helm managing the Database, and eagerly anticipating the new website. Thanks for all you do!


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