Have you read Zhiyong Lu’s “PubMed and Beyond: Survey of Web Tools for Searching the Biomedical Literature”? The author describes 28 web tools that support unique searches in PubMed and a website was created that lists all of the currently available tools. Try some of them out!

We have highlighted some of the features of GoPubMed and PubGet:



  • Autocomplete search based on MeSH, Gene Ontology, and journal titles
  • Search results are sorted in categories: What’, ‘Who’, ‘Where’, and ‘When’
  • The Statistics section shows the top journals, countries, years of publication, and authors that apply to your search term(s)
  • Check out the help section to learn more about GoPubMed



  • This tool allows you to search easily your institution’s journal. Check to see if your institution/school is signed up in the drop down menu under the search bar
  • If your institution is not signed up, you can activate your institution. It’s free for non-profit institutions!
  • Full text articles from your institution’s subscription journals and PubMed are immediately made available
  • Search results appear on the left and, if it is available, the PDF will load on the right
  • Not affiliated with an institution? You can still search through 3 million free papers
  • Go to the About Us page to learn more about Pubget

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