Computer_keyboard We all know that there is an abundance of social networking sites out there. Facebook allows you to stay connected to friends and family, Linkedin allows you to build a professional network, but have you heard of connects researchers and academics to other researchers. allows researchers to upload their own papers, search for papers related to their research, and follow other researchers. Like Facebook and other social networking sites the latest updates appear in a newsfeed. The newsfeed is updated based on the research interest and researchers that you follow. For example here at CMCH we follow research topics such as children and media, media studies, Internet addiction, etc. If anyone posts a new paper on any of these topics they show up in our newsfeed.

Here are some  papers that we recently found in our newsfeed:

  • Kuss, D. & Griffiths, M.  (2011). Internet gaming addiction: A systematic review of empirical research. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 1-19.
  • Waddington, D. (2007). Locating the wrongness in ultra-violent video games. Ethics and Information Technology, 9(2), 121-128.

To downlaod the full-text of these papers you need to have an account so check out the site’s FAQ  to learn more and sign up for an account to start getting connected to other researchers!

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