The CMCH Database of Research (DoR) is a database of citations on children, media and health and it's freely available online.  You can read the abstracts and in the process of adding new citations to the database, we try to find free full-text version of the article and make it available within the citation record.

Now let's try out a real search and see what we can find! 

 I’ve decided that I want to do a search about advertisements and television:

  1. I enter the word advertisements into a search box and enter television into another search box.
  2. I change the Boolean operator to AND, so that I am doing a search for advertisement AND television.
  3. I leave the drop-down menu on All Fields
  4. I limit my search to to Experimental Studies.

To find free full-text:

  • In your search results, click to view the individual citation record
  • Look at the bottom of the screen
  • If  "Full Text Availableis highlighted, the full-text is available for your to read!

Here is a sample of the search results that include Full Text Available:

Now go ahead and try out your own search! If you have any questions about the CMCH Database of Research,  please do not hesitate to e-mail us at

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