You may have noticed the CMCH DoR (Database of Research) mentioned in our Research Wrap-Up blogs, inviting readers to find studies on children, media, and health freely available at

Meet the CMCH Database of Research:

The DoR is a digital “library” that collects scholarly research on how media affect the physical, social and emotional health of children. The research included in the DoR comes from many different disciplines including medicine, public health, psychology, gender studies, education and several others. 

How We build the CMCH Database of Research:

The DoR has been built and maintained by CMCH librarians who monitor dozens of academic journals and databases and use the power of social networking tools to connect with organizations and other scholars in the field. Once research is collected, the articles are indexed and assigned keywords from our specialized taxonomy on media and health. Then two kinds of abstracts are written: one for a research audience and one written in plain language. New research is constantly being added to our online database, which currently contains over 3,000 citations. 

Searching the CMCH Database of Research:

There are several ways to search the DoR including a guided search, advanced search, and browse. For more information about how to use the search features and to learn more about the DoR please refer to the article "Center on Media and Child Health Database of Research" by Isabel Lopes, MLIS  and Brandy King, MLIS in the latest issue of the Newsletter on Children, Youth, & Media in the World. 

Tell Us What You Think!

We invite our readers to provide us with comments, suggestions, and questions about the DoR. Our goal is to make the DoR a user-friendly tool, so your thoughts would be very helpful and appreciated. Also, if you know about or have written an article that you believe would be a good fit for the DoR please let us know in the comments or e-mail us at

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