Google Alerts are an easy away to get regular updates about something that interests you, including research topics. This is a great way to be on top of relevant news, topics, and research. Google Alerts will send you an email whenever something is indexed by Google on the topics or keywords that you selected.

You can use Google Alerts to:

  • Get the latest news about research topics, new published studies,reports, or work by a particular author/organization.
  • Find out what is being said about a company or product.
  • Monitor a developing news story.
  • Keep up to date on a competitor or industry.
  • Get the latest news on a celebrity or sports team.
  • Find out if your name or organization has been cited in the press.

Here's how it works:

  • You enter a query that you're interested in (content of the search). For example, "media violence” or "children and television.” To get more accurate results, you will want to utilize some of the Advanced Search options (+, -, "", or, not) or Search Operators (link:, site:) to narrow down the search. You can create up to 1000 alerts!
  • Select the type of information to search: from everything to news, blogs, etc.
  • How often the alert should be sent: as-it-happens, once a day or once a week.
  • Email length: how many results would you like to see.
  • Enter your email address: you do not have to have or use a Gmail account
  • If there are new results, Google Alerts sends them to you in an email.

Do you use Google Alerts? Tell us why and your most interesting search tips!

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