Recently published titles of interest on the topics of children, media, and health:

New Books

This book addresses the continuing concerns around media ‘effects’
and critically examines the view that technology has dramatically
changed modern children’s lives.

This volume brings together scholars together with young researchers
and students, proposing a colorful spectrum of media-theoretical, practical and educational approaches to current creative practices
and techniques of production and consumption on and off the web.

The author tells the story of how music and youth culture have changed along with the economic, political, and cultural transformations of American society in the last four decades.

The authors explore the representation of young people and politics
on television news and suggest that there are links between these
representations and why young people are turned off news programming.

This book looks at the theoretical challenges and foundations on which to base a cultural shaping approach towards the evolution of video games and proposes a set of concepts for analyzing and describing this process.

This book examines the influence of mobile media technology on the lives of young people in East and North Asia, South East Asia and Australia. It discusses the impact information communication technologies have today on social identity, well-being, participation and exclusion.


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